Plaquenil and complement levels

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    Plaquenil and complement levels

    I just got some of my labs back and my C3 and C4 are both really low. I haven't gotten my total complement levels back yet.

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    The complement system consists of 11 components which together form some 10% of circulating plasma protein. The association between the complement system and SLE is contradictory 3,4. The complement system has long been known to be activated in exacerbations of SLE, particularly reflecting nephritic activity 5,6,7. It Introduction. The major discoveries that led to the modern era of work on systemic lupus erythematosus SLE were those of Hargraves et al. in 1947 of the lupus erythematosus or 'LE' cell phenomenon, followed by the discovery of autoreactivity to nuclei 2,3 and to nucleoprotein. Contemporaneous with these findings came the discovery that complement levels were abnormal in patients. Results showed that the rate for incident proteinuria was significantly lower in older patients and among Caucasian patients. Also, very low levels of complement 3 C3 and complement 4 C4 — a hallmark of lupus — and high levels of autoantibodies, such as anti-dsDNA, associated with incident proteinuria.

    I have pain in almost all my joints and it seems to be more ligament and tendon pain than bone pain. keepnitreel, I have had tendonitis and tenosynovitis off and on for about 7 years so I can sympathize with you. I was reading on line that it suggests renal disease but my GFR has improved and there is no protein in my urine, unlike some of my other previous urine samples. I know I've entered into a flare and I have had low complements before, but I've been in much worse flares and my complements didn't fall. Also, does anyone know about or have tendon and ligament problems?

    Plaquenil and complement levels

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    But why, during this really bad flare up when it's affecting my kidneys, possibly my heart and it's presenting in my complement levels, would it not appear in the lupus panel such as the anti-dsdna or any of the other lupus tests? Is it bc since I was diagnosed they put me on Plaquenil? This doesn't make sense to me. A complement test may be used to monitor patients with an autoimmune disorder and to see if treatment for their condition is working. For example, patients with active lupus erythematosus may have lower-than-normal levels of the complement proteins C3 and C4." As far as your ligaments and tendon problems, I have those as well. I have SLE and have been taking Plaquenil for almost 2 years with ok results for the most part. When I first started on it, I was initially diagnosed with UCTD I am ANA negative but C3 & C4 Complements were borderline low/normal, however last September the Dr. formally diagnosed as SLE. The Plaquenil was successful

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    How long is chloroquine half life when I treat a cell line. How long is chloroquine half life when I treat a cell line for an autophagy study? I treated some cell lines with 25 mM Chloroquine for 48h without adding fresh chloroquine.

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